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There can be few in the United States who have no idea the name of America’s oldest medical insurance provider. But, despite its age and the truth that it provides cover for many one-third of all Americans, exactly how good is Blue Cross Blue Shield medical health insurance?

Many individuals who use click here seem to have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, Blue Cross Blue Shield medical health insurance provides a relatively cheap substitute for a large number of other healthcare plans but, on the other hand, additionally, it seems that this is much an instance of ‘you get everything you pay for’.

Certainly the price for Blue Cross Blue Shield medical health insurance is fairly low, nevertheless the price that you simply pay for this could be noticed in the fact that it requires for ever to have the care you need. It can often take a few weeks just to get an appointment and, once you do get to see a health care provider, it could then take several more weeks, or even months, to get the referral to some specialist if this is necessary.

The actual problem needless to say is the fact that this will not simply apply to Blue Cross Blue Shield and you can find a significant number of other providers out there who are equally as bad.

Whether you are considering HMOs, PPOs, or any other type of healthcare provider, many have their problems and, invariably, the main of the issue is simply age old question of money. As with any other kind of company, medical insurance companies aim to maximize their profits while offering the minimum level of care which their clients will accept. In the case of Blue Cross Blue Shield medical health insurance you at the very least provide an edge over those individuals who have to pay more, but this can be small comfort.

So just what exactly is the solution to this problem? Well, in the long run obviously the one thing which will really change lives would be to move to a system of single payer medical care. In those countries where everybody pays into a central health system through their taxes everyone, no matter whether they may have money or not, has their health needs met and the days are gone once we saw families suffering due to an inability to meet their doctor’s bill.

Until the day comes when we have a single payer healthcare system a significant variety of Americans will live as they do now in the fear of getting sick, knowing that, if the were to happen, it could put a stress on ynsgmp resources that might well land them in these debt that they may simply never recover.

Enough of the daydreaming though as the fact in the matter is that universal healthcare is quite a distance off if it comes at all and, for the time being, we are saddled with what we should have which for a lot of means Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Blue Cross Blue Shield medical health insurance will not be the best on the planet but perhaps, alongside the other providers available, they are not an unsatisfactory alternative for your price. At the end of the day Blue Cross Blue Shield has been around longer than any oth

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